The LGC Summit provides a safe space for council chief executives and their senior leaders to come together and explore the biggest issues facing local government today through a series of panels and interactive discussion sessions under the Chatham House Rule.

Key topics for discussion this year include:

Responding to the cost-of-living crisis Understanding how it will impact local communities, the services local authorities provide, and the ability to finance those services.

Leadership and the role of local government As council leaders navigate multiple, overlapping crises, how can they best lead their organisations through such unstable times with agility and adaptability whilst maintaining a strategic vision for place?

The workforce challenge Focusing on recruitment, retention, skills and morale, and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Pursuing financial sustainability in local government How can councils develop longer-term strategies to ensure financial sustainability?

The Levelling Up agenda What does Levelling Up mean within different places and how can we ensure the whole country benefits from levelling-up and closing the gap?

Climate crisis and the journey to net zero Exploring the role of local government in leading the journey to net zero within councils and across the communities they serve.