Connected Places Catapult

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Connected Places Catapult

Backed by the UK government, Connected Places Catapult (formerly known as Future Cities Catapult) helps UK firms develop and sell innovative products and services to meet the changing needs of cities.

As cities around the world grow, solutions are required to tackle productivity-sapping congestion, unlock space for housing, improve the efficiency of public services, and create inclusive urban environments that allow all citizens to participate, contribute and flourish.

We help cities articulate these needs to the market, and we work with suppliers to respond to them. We develop ambitious, impactful projects that leverage our established strength as a neutral convenor. Engaging academic leaders to translate the latest R&D into applications, we encourage creative disruption in services and systems overdue for innovative transformation.

In short, we are dismantling barriers such that cities can harness the rapidly emerging benefits of data and technology to increase efficiencies in their organisation, unlock new economic prosperity and improve the quality of city life.

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