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The current political climate of the UK is one of uncertainty, and it is local government that is feeling the crunch. Councils have already had to tighten purse strings and look to new, innovative ways to increase revenue. These pressures, when linked with issues such as the current Health & Social Care crisis has created a power vacuum [which must be filled].

The Government is beginning to try and solve part of the crisis through initiatives such as devolution, allowing councils to wrestle back some control, although this may not be enough. Change is needed and now is the time for councils to come together to find solutions to meet these challenges head on.

By bringing together Chief Executives from local authorities, the LGC 2020 Summit allows for creative solutions and debate to take place on neutral ground allowing for honest facts to be assessed and solutions to be developed without judgement. It is an unmissable opportunity to get together and tackle hard issues head on.

View the highlights of the 2019 Summit below

For information on sponsorship and partnership packages for the LGC Summit 2020 please contact Lucy McPhail on 020 3953 2435 or email Lucy.McPhail@EMAP.com


At the LGC Summit 2020, we like to make it as interactive as possible. With new sessions being created, LGC Summit 2020 promises to be the most interactive event to date

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To learn more about our leading public sector doers and innovators please click here, where you will be taken to our speakers who will be featured at this year’s summit


Access to the prestigious LGC 2020 Summit is by invitation only and on a complimentary basis, this includes overnight accommodation


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