LGC Summit

LGC Summit goes virtual

In these uncertain times for live events, we are pleased to announce that the LGC Summit will be a virtual event, taking place in short concentrated sessions on 3 dates: 13, 17 and 20 November 2020.

It differs from the usual LGC Summit in that it takes place in easy to access blocks of content over one week. This ensures you avoid you being out of action for too long as you work to help your local community withstand Covid and its aftermath. Our virtual platform enables you to take part in the event from the convenience of your own home or office, with no impact on the carbon footprint. You can either participate in the sessions live or catch up later on demand.

Council chief executives face the most challenging set of circumstances since World War Two as they work to revive their Covid-ravaged places amid crippling financial constraints. However, the aftermath of a crisis which has illustrated the deficiencies of centralism also provides an opportunity for rethink and reset.

This year’s LGC Summit Season in November 2020 will provide insight and inspiration as we collectively ask “what now?” Don’t miss out on attending this critical virtual event, register your interest today.

View the highlights of the 2019 Summit below:




The prestigious LGC Summit 2020 will be the first opportunity for local government’s most senior officers to gather and debate how their communities can recover and rebuild for a better future.

The LGC Summit 2020 will be interactive, giving everyone the chance to contribute throughout the event which takes place under the Chatham House Rule.

The exclusive LGC Summit 2020 takes place in short concentrated sessions on 3 dates: 13, 17 and 20 November 2020..


Sponsorship opportunities

For information on sponsorship and partnership packages for the LGC Summit 2020, please contact Lucy McPhail on 020 3953 2435 or email Lucy.McPhail@emap.com.


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