LGC Summit

LGC Summit 2020 has now passed

Thank you to all the attendees, speakers and sponsors without whose generosity and support this event would not take place. The LGC Summit 2020 was a virtual event, taking place in short concentrated sessions on 3 dates: 13, 17 and 20 November 2020.

It differed from the usual LGC Summit in that it took place in easy to access blocks of content over one week. This ensured that attendees didn't lose out on being out of action for too long as they worked to help their local communities withstand Covid and its aftermath. Our virtual platform enabled them to take part in the event from the convenience of their own home or office, with no impact on their carbon footprint. They either participated in the sessions live or caught up later on demand.

Sponsorship opportunities

For information on sponsorship and partnership packages for the LGC Summit 2021, please contact Lucy McPhail on 020 3953 2435 or email Lucy.McPhail@emap.com.

Sessions were:

13 November


Overcoming our post-pandemic challenges

13 November


Withstanding financial pressure

13 November


Automation in local government: do we trust the machines?

17 November


Reviving local economies

20 November


Building local government for the next 10-20 years

20 November


Leadership to create a fair society


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